The best city in the world for exotic Laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs

The Laptop lifestyle is something everyone wants to live these days. I’m an London based entrepreneur and runs my own digital agency where I consult for businesses to budge on the web.

Many people in London want to know how to make the laptop lifestyle glamorous?

The best ways to Have A Laptop computer Way of living With London Companion

Some years back, companion firms made use of to be located in the backstreets and also dingy structures. Even worse still, one needed to physically pop into the agency, making queries regarding the companions here. However that was then; things have dramatically transformed. In today’s age of laptop computers and the internet, things have actually been considerably simplified. Companion companies lie in contemporary structures, they have durable web sites, as well as with some web connection, one could also employ companion solutions online!


Enliven your laptop way of life with an high class london escorts;

Nowadays, a growing number of individuals are choosing to consult with their laptops in the house, rather than visiting the office. With a laptop, web, one could invest the entire days inside your home and also still be effective.

Because of this, one might not have the benefit of time to go and also select a companion around. Thus the most effective way out, would certainly be to browse online for the very best companion firm, as well as get to satisfy their companions.

Some of the preferred as well as credible companion firms, like Dolls as well as Roses, have websites where you could watch the latest images of their different companions. You reach acquaint on your own with the females, prior to reaching satisfy them.

Some VIP packages allow you to talk straight with the VIP companion on the web. For somebody with a laptop computer indoors, this is an ideal way to develop a the appropriate state of mind for a later meeting.

Also as a business person dead bored in your resort area, your only solace is commonly the TELEVISION, or surfing the web on your lap top. Why not simply go to the leading companion agencies like Dolls and also Roses, and also obtain an escort to maintain you business?


Your laptop way of living doesn’t have to be monotonous as well as lonely; a few of the very best escorts in London are only a mouse click away.

Top 10 places to Invest in London

London is a great destination to invest in. It has been described as the financial capital of the world, and below are 10 of the top places you can invest in within London;

1. Canonbury; this London neighborhood is ideal for investing; it is located close to the Regent canal. It has an efficient transport system as well as a serene environment fit for setting up a business and nurturing it to fruition.

2. Finsbury Park; its greatest selling point lies in its close proximity to the city. It is well developed, with many modern restaurants, movie halls, shopping stores, to mention but a few.

3. City Road; this can be equated to the Silicon Valley in the U.S. City Road is synonymous with tech related investments, and the area has an industry like atmosphere.

4. Earls court; the good thing about Earls court is that t has witnessed huge growth of the property market, with property prices having shot up by up to 70% since 2007. It is ideal for investing in commercial property.

5. Stratford; Stratford is home to many young professionals and their families, and it enjoys impressive public transport system. Accessing the London CBD from here is quite easy, and since it hosted the Olympics, it has retained the momentum of attracting investors from all over.

Invest in London

6. Honor Oak Park; safely tucked away in south London, this neighborhood is wealthy and leafy. It is the new preference for families that want more spacious homes, better schools, and such. It’s a great investment destination.

7. Acton; this is another ideal place for investing in property. It boasts of plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and the property prices keep on rising.

8. Maida Vale; For investors trading in real estate, Maida Vale remains as one of the few places where you can buy property cheaply, and sell at a handsome discount.

9. Bloomsbury; Bloomsbury is close to the British museum and has been traditionally associated with artistic and literary aspects of the city. If you have a business idea that’s close to such aspects, then it’s the place to come to.

10. Wandsworth; this leafy suburb of London has witnessed a lot of investment activity in the past few years. It’s serene, with good schools and more people are settling down here.

Tips on Surviving in London

Surviving in London

London is a great city to live in; in fact it ranks as one of the best places for expatriates to settle in after retirement. Below are some tips to help you settle and cope with London life, if you plan to settle down here;

1. Transportation; underground trains and buses are the commonest mode of transport in London. The public transport in London is ranked among one of the most orderly and convenient anywhere. However, given between traveling in a tube, or on a bus, the latter is always more preferable. Buses will allow you to see and view more of the city’s features.

2. Etiquette; you’ll need to learn some basic etiquette when using the public transport. For instance, always stand on the right when using the escalator, and walk on the left when it’s time to walk. Also, avoid making unnecessary eye contact with commuters lest you make them uneasy.

3. Translation; the truth of the matter is that as a visitor in London, some words or phrases will get lost during translation. American call them pants, Britons call them trousers. Garbage or rubbish? Curtains or drapes? Such minor variations may confuse visitors and it is advisable to learn some of these words in order to make communication smoother.

4. Dog; Londoners love pets and dogs especially are popular. Dogs are readily accepted in buses, trains, even in restaurants. Some work places also allow employees to bring their dogs with them.

5. Sunny days are fun days; although London weather is lovely, sunny days with warm temperatures and clear blue skies are rare. And when this happens, Londoners will even postpone earlier commitments just to have fun and enjoy the lovely sunny weather.

6. Learn the local culture; if you can, visit any of the numerous museums in London, and you’ll learn about the culture of the locals.

7. Go out to new places; once you’ve settled in London, don’t confine yourself to your neighborhood. Step out, visit different places in the city and learn more about the various vicinities.

The Irony of London; a Billionaires Hub on One End, And Paupers Paradise on the Other End

Billionaires Hub

Although this may sound boisterous to some, the fact of the matter is that living in London can’t be comparable to living in any other part of the world. London is a great city; it ranks as the biggest and richest city in Europe. That aside, it has a thriving economy and it greatly dwarfs any other European city. Mind you, although London consists of just 25% UK’s population, it contributes a whopping 50% of the UK’s GDP! In other words, the other 75% contributes the other half of the country’s GDP. And you still wonder why London has been described as the financial capital of the world? No wonder Londoners are wealthy by nature, the stock exchange market thrives in ways beyond imagination.

Taking a walk on a Saturday, down the South Bank and with the sun setting over St. Pauls, one can’t help but admire the shimmering skyscrapers. Everywhere you look, new modern skyscrapers coming up, with cranes and workers busily adding up more buildings, proof that investments in London continue to grow at monstrous rates. Oh, where else would you find houses going for a monthly rent of £50,000? And that’s not all, a walk down Mayfair, just past the Maseratis and Bentleys will reveal another side of London. You would be forgiven to think that the recent global economic meltdown didn’t find its way here. Smart houses all over, very porches looking, but unoccupied! Reason? Look no further than a recent article in the New York Times in an article in which it said that London Homes have become the new mode of the global reserve currency. Russian billionaires are flocking to acquire houses in London, tax evaders from France too rushing to get their share too, while ordinary Londoners are being relegated to the peripheral.

The social repercussions of this trend are real, and much as Londoners have been branded as arrogant, this arrogance could be characteristic of some hidden fears; there is panic. Ordinary Londoners have been badly out priced by foreigners, and unable to afford any property around, most tend to spend what they have dining in fancy restaurants, at least to appear like first among equals.

For the first time, you’ll find deprived families in the city that have to be assisted by the Red Cross in order to make ends meet. And these are not foreigners; they are native Londoners, whose roots can be traced to the UK from the beginning. Things are changing, in years to come, one can’t even tell who will own London, as the poor continue being relegated and pushed aside by the wealthy billionaires.

How to spend time with your Family in London

Family in London

London ranks as one of the best places that you can ever spend quality time with your family. The weather is lovely, the people are great, and more importantly, it has many wonderful things that you can all indulge in. Assuming that you’ve just arrived, gotten yourselves a nice hotel to stay in, what are some of the fun things you can do with your family?

To start with, a family visit in London is not complete before you’ve taken a stroll to see Big Ben. This majestic clock in the heart of London is a tourist attraction that pulls visitors from all over the globe each month. While here, you can take a selfie or a family photo, to document your visit here.

Having seen the Big Ben, you can then take your family to the Thames. The Thames River has much symbolism to the British society, and it is also very scenic. While here, you can have a boat ride with your family. You’ll also meet other families having their fun on the Thames, and thus get to meet new people.

London has also great and world class movie theaters that are very ideal for families. Most of these theaters are family friendly, in that they air content that’s fit for the whole family, and they serve snacks and non alcoholic beverages for all members of the family. Having watched a movie, you can take your family across the street for a sumptuous meal on the numerous London restaurants. You’ll be pleasantly amazed to learn that regardless of your nationality, or origin, you’ll find a London restaurant offering your local cuisine.

Lastly, London is a great place to shop as a family. This is not only because the City has many world class stores, but because you’ll find stores selling everything under one roof. From electronics and kids gaming products, to adult clothes and shoes, to hair salons and beauty spas; you’ll find all conveniently located under one roof!

Indeed, the list of the fun things that you can do in London is long; you just need to know beforehand the things that both you and your family will enjoy doing.

High Class Destinations In London

LondonLondon is a great City to visit; it is cosmopolitan, but that aside, it has some of the best high class destinations in the world. For the elite who can afford the finest things that life has to offer, then London is a dream place and a must visit. So, what are some of these high class destinations that one can visit in London?

  • Shopping; London has some of the most luxurious and expensive shopping stores that you’ll ever find. Here, you’ll find designer stores selling the latest brands worn by celebrities and VIP. For instance Mayfair has some great streets full of shops and stores where you can experience personalized VIP shopping. Here you’ll find some of the richest people in the globe, from Hong Kong, to the U.S, to the Gulf countries, you name it, all coming here to shop!
  • Restaurants; London is the uncrowned capital of fine dining in the world. From world class chefs, to cuisines from all over the globe, London is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a high class dining experience. Le Gavroche is one of the most expensive and luxurious restaurants in London, only the few elite with great financial muscles can afford to dine here.
  • 5 star Hotels; London is not only home to many 5 star hotels; it also offers personalized services for high class guests. This will include chauffer services to any part of the city, and even chartered private jets to pick guests from any corner of the globe. The Royal Norfolk Hotel is one great example; it is a great place for anyone to visit if they wish to enjoy a true VIP experience. Its close proximity to the Heathrow airport, plus its tradition of hosting the who is who in the world makes it a great destination.


London is full of high class destinations that are bound to offer you memorable and magical moments that can’t be compared to anywhere else.